A critical reaction to Joost Pauwelyn and Krzysztof Pelc’s “The WTO Secretariat’s ‘Open Secret’: Unpacking the Controversy”

Author: Giorgio Sacerdoti
Published: 05.09.2022
In their EJIL:Talk! posts of August 18  and 19, in which they in respond to a Reply by Armin Steinbach, Joost Pauwelyn and Krzystof Pelc heavily criticized the role of the WTO Secretariat in supporting the WTO panels. In their opinion, which is based on previous research by them published in a recent issue of AJIL and a recent issue of EJIL, they submit that (if I may summarize the authors’ position with my own words) the set-up of the panels system, based on non-professional, often occasional, ad hoc panelists  (arbitrators), mostly picked by the Director General of the WTO…