Announcements: Accountability of Transnational Organisations Conference; BUL International Law Group Panel; Hague Rules on Business and Human Rights Arbitration Lecture; CfP Legitimate International Authority and Institutional Diversity; Athens PIL Discussion Group Meeting; CfP Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Author: Mary Guest
Published: 23.10.2022
1. Accountability of Transnational Organisations Conference. Professor Philippa Webb and Associate Professor Rishi Gulati are hosing this conference to bring together academics, practitioners, and international organisation officials to discuss key developments around the legal accountability of transnational institutions. The use of the term ‘transnational’ is deliberate. The aim is not just to consider accountability concerns relating to public international organisations (IOs), but also ones relevant to multinational corporations (MNCs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The focus is on legal accountability, including the notion of access to justice for alleged victims of institutional conduct and due diligence obligations increasingly imposed on transnational…