Announcements: Gandhi Research Seminar Series; Conference of the NOVA Centre on Business, Human Rights and the Environment; CfP Cambridge International Law Journal; CfP The Aesthetics of International Law; Chile’s Constitutional Reform in Global Perspective; Change in International Law Workshop; States in Emergency Conference – International Law at a Time of Reckoning; Essex Public International Law Lecture Series; Presuming State Intention from an Unwillingness to Communicate Seminar; CfP Gang-Induced Migration

Author: Mary Guest
Published: 25.09.2022
1. Global Law at Reading: Gandhi Research Seminar Series 2022/23. Global Law at Reading (GLAR) has announced the speakers for the Gandhi Research Seminar Series 2022/23. All of the seminars will take place in-person, and all are welcome. 26 October Professor Duncan French (University of Lincoln) (12:30-13:30 Envisioning Post-Holocene (Anthropocene) Global Commons, Palmer 108, Whiteknights Campus);  9 November 2022 Professor Yuval Shany (Hebrew University) (14:30-15:30 Digital Rights and the Outer Limits of International Human Rights, Palmer 107, Whiteknights Campus); 7 December 2022 Professor Holger P. Hestermeyer (King’s College London) (13:00-14:00 The Unbearable Flexibility of International Law: The (Ab)use of MoUs,…