Announcements: I-HILT Lecture with Anne Orford; ILDG Lecture on Ukraine; CfS CILJ; Continental Shelf Seminar; Ukraine Peace Project; Athens PIL Discussion; UN Audiovisual Library of International Law; New Globalization Podcast; CfP IV TRAMEREN Conference; Green Ambitions Conference; Calls for Action from Ukrainian Institutions

Author: Mary Guest
Published: 10.04.2022
1. I-HILT History of International Law E-Lecture Series 2021-2022 – Anne Orford: International Law and the Politics of History. The ongoing I-HILT online e-lecture series at Tilburg Law School will host Professor Anne Orford (University of Melbourne) in the latest instalment to discuss her most recent book International Law and the Politics of History. As the future of international law has become a growing site of struggle within and between powerful states, debates over the history of international law have become increasingly heated. International Law and the Politics of History explores the ideological, political, and material stakes of apparently technical…