Announcements: WILIG Scholarship Prize; Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy Webinar; I-HILT E-lecture Series; Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Sanctions Workshop; International Law Commission Lecture; Dispute Resolution Under UNCLOS Seminar

Author: Mary Guest
Published: 05.06.2022
1. WILIG Scholarship Prize. The WILIG Scholarship Prize highlights and promotes excellence in international law scholarship involving women and girls, gender, and feminist approaches. It recognizes innovative contributions to international law scholarship that theorize or utilize a feminist lens or lenses, highlight, and seek to address topics disproportionately affecting women and girls, or consider the impact of international law or policy on gender more broadly. The WILIG Scholarship Prize Committee may award up to two prizes: one for book length monographs or edited volumes, and the other for individual articles or book chapters. Nominators may only nominate one book or…