Favourite Readings 2022 – On Epistemic Injustices

Author: Jan Klabbers
Published: 21.12.2022
Anu Bradford, The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World (2020) Chelsea Clinton and Devi Sridhar, Global Health Governance: Who Runs the World and Why? (2017) Mary Douglas, How Institutions Think (1986) Thomas M. Franck, Recourse to Force (2002) David Grossman, To the End of the Land (2010, Jessica Cohen transl.) Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder, Thinking the Twentieth Century (2012) George Lichtheim, Europe in the Twentieth Century (1972) Judith Shklar, The Faces of Injustice (1990) As in previous years, EJIL’s Review section, has invited short reflections on their favourite books of the year. No strict rules apply…