Germany’s Trusteeship over Gazprom Germania: A Brewing Expropriation Claim?

Author: Martin Jarrett
Published: 06.06.2022
Background If it were not so serious, it would be funny: In March 2022, the part-time DJ and fledgling YouTuber Dmitry Tseplyaev (purportedly) became the ultimate controller of Gazprom’s gas-distribution network and gas-storage facilities in Germany. The German authorities did not see any humour in this situation. On 4 April 2022, they imposed a trusteeship over Gazprom Germania GmbH (‘Gazprom Germania’) until 30 September 2022. Germany now controls all of Gazprom Germania’s Germany-located assets. How did it come to this? When the ownership structure behind Gazprom Germania changed, Germany was not formally notified of this change, although it later became…