The MH17 Judgment: An Interesting Take on the Nature of the Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Author: Lachezar Yanev
Published: 07.12.2022
On 17 November 2022, some eight years after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (‘MH17’) was shot down in eastern Ukraine, the Hague District Court delivered a verdict against the four accused in the MH17 Trial: Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinskiy, Leonid Kharchenko and Oleg Pulatov. The first three were found guilty of the charged crimes – viz., murder of 298 people (Article 289 of the Dutch Criminal Code, DCC) and intentionally causing the crash of an airplane (Article 168 DCC) – as (indirect) co-perpetrators. Each of them received a life sentence. The fourth accused, Pulatov, was acquitted of all charges as the…