Two Weeks in Review, 11 – 24 April 2022

Author: Gail Lythgoe
Published: 24.04.2022
The situation in Ukraine André Nollkaemper comments on three potential options for the UNSC veto reform in light of the situation in Ukraine. Nollkaemper sketches three options: overruling the veto, reining in the use of the veto, or abolishing the veto. Read analysis on UNSC veto reform here. Editorial: There is a #VetoInitiative by Liechtenstein and 57 cosponsors that would give the UNGA a ‘standing mandate’ when a veto is cast. The revised draft resolution will be considered by the UNGA on 26 April. Read the first draft of the resolution in full here. The cosponsors will formally present the draft…