With No Judge or Jury, Who Will Decide the Fate of 4.1 million Aid-Dependent Syrians? A Comment on the Legality of UN-Coordinated Cross-Border Aid Operations in Syria

Author: Jack Sproson
Published: 06.01.2023
As the UN Security Council (“UNSC”) once again prepares to consider renewing the mandate for UN-coordinated cross-border humanitarian aid operations in Syria, 4.1 million aid recipients wait to see whether Russia will finally veto their last remaining lifeline. With stakes at their highest since 2014, relevant actors within the international community can revert to established legal positions surrounding cross-border aid in Syria to avoid abandoning those left most in need by the conflict. The context of Cross-Border Humanitarian Aid in Syria In 2014, parties to the Syrian conflict (primarily the Syrian Authorities) continued to disregard calls for unimpeded humanitarian access,…