AI Music Outputs: Challenges to the Copyright Legal Framework – Part I

Author: Oleksandr Bulayenko (Institute for Information Law (IViR) and Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI)), João Pedro Quintais (Institute for Information Law (IViR)), Daniel Gervais (Vanderbilt University Law School) and Joost Poort (Institute for Information Law (IViR))
Published: 22.04.2022
Imagen de Gordon Johnson en Pixabay The creation and development of copyright law are closely connected to technological and associated business transformations (see, e.g. here). It is therefore not surprising that progress in AI technologies and their deployment in the creative sector creates new opportunities and challenges for the law, creators (authors and performers), and rightsholders. What is perhaps different with AI technologies is the magnitude of the potential impact, brought about by the unprecedented scale of automation that increases productivity and access to creativity. Yet, the very same automation poses challenges for the application of copyright law, increasing legal…