Design infringement “does not pay”:  English High Court sends message to copyists in Original Beauty v G4K Fashion

Author: Jeremy Blum (Bristows LLP) and Sean Ibbetson (Bristows LLP)
Published: 19.04.2022
Photo by Rio Lecatompessy on Unsplash Original Beauty Technology Company Limited & others v G4K Fashion Limited & others, [2021] EWHC 3439 (Ch) The High Court has recently awarded £450,000 in damages to a successful claimant in a dispute about unregistered design rights in clothing. Unregistered design rights in the UK are a unique right that often catch designs that fall outside the scope of copyright protection. Whilst the underlying acts of infringement in this case relate to unregistered design rights, this decision on damages will be equally applicable to disputes concerning copyright as the principles which are applied are…