Getting paid to play? Copyright, contract, and the rewards for UGC

Author: Amy Thomas (CREATe, University of Glasgow)
Published: 21.06.2022
Image by Egnez via Pixabay Users are increasingly prolonging the lifespan and value of a video game past its initial release date through user-generated content (UGC). The little-understood phenomenon of ‘watching other people play games’ is now a commonplace fact of life online. This phenomenon is responsible for creating game influencers, and those game influencers have also in turn created derivative game industries (see e.g., the story of Rocket League, now a world-famous eSport). With the prevalence of ‘crunch culture’, game mods are increasingly becoming an important source of post-release quality assurance (see e.g., the community response to Cyberpunk 2077).…