Taking freedom of information seriously: the ‘very short extracts’ limitation in Article 15 CDSM Directive and how not to implement it – Part 2

Author: Tito Rendas (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
Published: 31.03.2022
Image by Pexels via Pixabay This post is the second instalment of an analysis of the ‘very short extracts’ (VSE) carve-out to the press publishers’ right set forth in Article 15 of the CDSM Directive. The first part examined the legal nature of the VSE rule, concluding that it ought to be qualified not as an ‘exception’, but as a ‘limitation’ to the scope of the right. It was also highlighted that even though the Directive justifies the limitation on economic grounds, its freedom of information undertone should not be overlooked. This second part will delve on the limitation’s transposition.…