Unrequited love at the times of French maisons: the Museum vs Le Musée

Author: Giovanni Maria Riccio (University of Salerno) and Federica Pezza (Hogan Lovells)
Published: 21.11.2022
Image by WikiImages via Pixabay When Sandro Botticelli depicted his beloved Simonetta Cattaneo de Vespucci as main character of “the Birth of Venus” back in the fifteenth century, he possibly thought she would eventually fall in love with him. She was the painter’s very first love and was perhaps the most beautiful Italian lady of those times. Yet, she kept ignoring him. That was an unrequited love. Likewise, when the Uffizi Museum sent a letter to the French maison Jean Paul Gauthier back in April 2022 asking to cease all uses of “the Birth of Venus” in their Le Musée collection,…