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Employment Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT made as of the __ day of __, 20__ , between  [name of employer] a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario,  and having its principal place of business at __ (the “Employer“);  and [name of employee], of the City of __ in the Province of Ontario  (the “Employee“).

WHEREAS the Employer desires to obtain the benefit of the services of the Employee, and the  Employee desires to render such services on the terms and conditions set forth.

IN CONSIDERATION of the promises and other good and valuable consideration (the sufficiency and receipt of which are hereby acknowledged) the parties agree as follows:

1. Employment  

The Employee agrees that he will at all times faithfully, industriously, and to the best of his skill, ability, experience and talents, perform all of the duties required of his position. In carrying out  these duties and responsibilities, the Employee shall comply with all Employer policies,  procedures, rules and regulations, both written and oral, as are announced by the Employer from  time to time. It is also understood and agreed to by the Employee that his assignment, duties and  responsibilities and reporting arrangements may be changed by the Employer in its sole  discretion without causing termination of this agreement.

2. Position Title  

As a __, the Employee is required to perform the following duties and undertake the following responsibilities in a professional manner.

(a) – __;

(b) – __;

(c) –  __;

(d) –  __;

(e) Other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the employee.


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